...that was the best hamburger we have ever eaten, two thumbs up!
— Joel Kuhnhenn


Where your Cuts Of Beef Come From

 A Whole animal has two sides. Each Side of beef has two Quarters, a Fore and Hind quarter.

When you order a quarter beef these two will be equally mixed when the half is split. Your "mixed quarter" will contain a portion of each. The actual weight of wrapped beef cuts will depend on animal size, cut efficiency and your choices below.

A Whole beef provides approximately 400 lbs of wrapped individual cuts and comfortably feeds a family of 4-5 for a year.

A Half beef provides approximately 200 lbs of wrapped individual cuts and,

A Quarter beef approximately 100 lbs.

the Fore Quarter includes:

a.   Rib Roasts and Steaks (12 lbs. or 9%)

b.   Boneless Stew Meat (6 lbs. or 4%)

c.   Short Ribs (4 lbs. or 3%)

d.   Hamburger-Ground Chuck (38 lbs. or 26%)

e.   Chuck Roasts and Steaks (37 lbs. or 26%)

the Hind Quarter includes:

a.   T-bones and Club Steak (18 lbs or 14%)

b.   Sirloin Steak, Roasts 16 lbs. or 12%)

c.   Round Steaks or Roasts (29 lbs. or 22%)

d.   Rump Roast-boneless (8 lbs. or 6%)

e.   Flank Steak (2 lbs. or 2%)

f.    Hamburger-Ground Round/Tip (16 lbs. or 12%)

(Please remember this is a natural product and it will vary in size, all weights are approximate and the % above are based on a standard frame beef; yours is a smaller frame animal and should cut at a higher efficiency. The % is of an entire side)