Over 30 years ago I gave up eating meat because I couldn’t participate in the way that meat was raised. I won’t eat any beef unless it was raised with care by people like Jim and Katie. Every meal is truly a connection, a statement, a celebration. I am so very grateful that Jim and Katie do what they do.
— Cynthia - endurance athlete, locavore, farmer's advocate


Why Our Unique Belted Miniature Beef is exceptional and better for you

  • Our herd of miniature cattle is like no other, period. Our registered breed was developed right here in the PNW to perform on a 100% grass diet. The result of a cross of heritage lines, our Belted Kingshire cattle have the perfect balance of temperament, conformation and consistency. What this means for you are beautifully marbled cuts with a rich flavor. Our customers often tell us it’s simply the best beef they’ve ever had.

  • Tenderness in beef is to a large extent a function of the length of the cell in the muscle. Our smaller frame heritage breed contributes to their natural tenderness.

  • Our naturally mineralized soils produce rich pastures and our daily management practices ensure our herd is given only the most tender, protein-rich grass to eat. In fact, we are Certified Grass Fed by AGW to prove it. This “terroir” produces beef with a full, rich flavor, never gamey.

  • We are an Animal Welfare Approved certified farm. Our animals are born and raised on our farm with the greatest care for their well being, with dignity and respect and to express their natural instinctive behavior. We use low-stress management practices. Happy cows just make better beef.

  •  Never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids or additives.

  •  100% grass fed beef is lower in saturated fat than meat from cattle fed on grain, contains more antioxidant vitamin E, A and omega-3 fatty acids (good heart healthy fats). Grass-fed beef, in particular has a high level of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which in laboratory tests shows promise at fighting cancer. 

  •  When it's time for harvest, it's humanely done here at the farm with no transportation stress. These conditions are not only of great benefit to the animal but to you the consumer as well, because any stress will affect the flavor of the meat.

  •  Also, these petite beeves produce a more manageable amount of food for an average family.

     Check out Eat Wild www.eatwild.com for more information regarding the many benefits of eating grass fed beef.

Beautifully marbled rib roast raised on a 100% grass-fed diet.

Beautifully marbled rib roast raised on a 100% grass-fed diet.