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Ordering Wild Canary Beef

Our beef is sold by the quarter or the half side and also by the whole animal. The final price will be determined by the “hanging weight” or the weight of the portion ordered immediately following harvest and before the cuts are processed.

Once harvested you will have the opportunity, while the beef is dry aged, to discuss all the details of your order with the butcher. He will want to know your preferences and any special instructions you may have.

Our current price is $7.95/pound (if you are interested in a whole animal we offer a discount, click here for more details

Our most common FAQ’s.

How much will my beef share cost?

Half or Quarter Pricing is $7.95/lb. based on hanging weight, Whole pricing is $7.25/lb. based on hanging weight (weight after harvest and prior to cutting, de-boning, and trimming of the animal). We will call you with the accurate hanging weight. and amount due, as soon as the butcher verifies this for us. Our animals average 250 lbs hanging weight per side which means a 1/2 share will cost approximately $1987.50, a 1/4 share will cost half this, and so on. For more information on what to expect in your order, click here.

Will the butcher age my beef share?

The short answer is yes. The "dry-aging" process, a period following harvest during which the carcass is aged in the cooler before it is processed into cuts. This aging process consolidates and intensifies the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Due to the naturally tender character of our petite beef and smaller overall size, we’ve found the aging process will take less time than the average two weeks.

Are there any additional costs paid by me to the butcher?

No. Our price includes all slaughter and processing fees.

What choices do I have when my beef share is processed into cuts?

You have a number of choices and the butcher will talk you through them. You will be able to select the size of roasts, the thickness of steaks, how much ground beef vs a wider selection of chuck and round cuts to name just a few. This said, bear in mind that a 1/4 share is a mix from the fore and hind quarters and, it is shared by two customers so there is a limit to how much of each section of the side each Quarter receives. The butcher will apportion everything as equally as possible. Want more choices? Order a 1/2 share, this provides the most selection.

How much freezer space will I need for my order?

You'll need less storage space than you think! One-quarter of a cow yields 75 to 125 pounds of meat, which requires a mere 3.5 cubic feet, or the majority of the freezer space in a standard refrigerator.  That said, we strongly recommend you invest in a chest freezer, so you can still keep much of what you regularly store in your kitchen freezer. The efficiency and ease of access of a chest freezer far outweighs stand-up style models. Here are additional examples of how much freezer space is needed to accommodate various beef orders:

  • Quarter Beef (Approx. 100 lb.) - 3.5 cu. ft. 

  • Half Beef (Approx. 200 lb.) - 7  cu. ft.

  • Whole Beef (Approx. 400 lb.) - 14 cu. ft.

Have a question not explained here? Contact us and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.